Locally Owned and Operated

Being locally owned and operated gives us the ability to make decissions and assist our customers in ways that other self storage operators may not be able to. We have typically found that many customers require our help outside of normal business hours, and that our ability to be more flexable with our hours has removed the stress that many people encounter when things don't go as planned.

Long & Short Term

The length of stay is defined by yourself. We have often found that plans for how long things are going to stay in storage can change quickly, and that many of our customers have recognised the convenience and savings that can be achieved by keeping goods in self storage as opposed to cluttering up their house or business.

Easy Access For Larger Vehicles

The orientation, layout and location of the self storage facility ensure that even the largest road registered goods transport vehicles can align themselves with the storage unit that they require access to. This is important as not being able to adequatly access a unit can cause a significant increase in the amount of time required to move goods to and from storage. Our commitment to our customers and the self storage industry is to always operate in the best interests of our customers. Our membership with the SSAA is but one part of this commitment. We also recognise that customers must have good experiences when using self storage in order for the industry to grow as one which is both trusted and respected by society.

Individual Lock up Units

You control who has a key to your storage unit, so you decide who has access to your goods. All other access is defined in the SSAA "Standard Self Storage Agreement ©".

24 Hour - 7 Day Access

You can access your self storage unit whenever you want for as long as you want. There is no need for us to be present in order for you to access your goods.

Electronic Security Cameras

Security cameras constantly monitor and record movement in and around this storage site.